Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Letting GO......

Why is letting go so hard for us whether it be platonic relationships, romantic or even family...We old so dear to those things that are not good for us..is this human nature..is this simply picking this habit it up from others..if so why do we continue this cycle..and how do we break it..I recently had to "let go" of some people in my life and some people even have "let me go" out of theirs....But now looking back on these relationships I notice so many signs and so many acts that I fail to pay attention to or made excuses for..Like the saying says "when someone shows you who they are..believe them"...but it's always easier said than done...I guess we try to make people out to be what we want them to be and not who they really are...There is an exception to every rule and I'm pretty sure there are relationships that start off rocky and people change but for the most part we lack this fine art of "letting go"...we hold so tight and dear to theses things that we often miss great opportunities worrying about things that aren't worth shit....I suggest to you that learn how to "let go" and more importantly "MOVE FORWARD" but hey moving forward is a whole 'nother blog ;-)