Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Letting GO......

Why is letting go so hard for us whether it be platonic relationships, romantic or even family...We old so dear to those things that are not good for us..is this human nature..is this simply picking this habit it up from others..if so why do we continue this cycle..and how do we break it..I recently had to "let go" of some people in my life and some people even have "let me go" out of theirs....But now looking back on these relationships I notice so many signs and so many acts that I fail to pay attention to or made excuses for..Like the saying says "when someone shows you who they are..believe them"...but it's always easier said than done...I guess we try to make people out to be what we want them to be and not who they really are...There is an exception to every rule and I'm pretty sure there are relationships that start off rocky and people change but for the most part we lack this fine art of "letting go"...we hold so tight and dear to theses things that we often miss great opportunities worrying about things that aren't worth shit....I suggest to you that learn how to "let go" and more importantly "MOVE FORWARD" but hey moving forward is a whole 'nother blog ;-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

♥Love is in the air, & I'm choking on that muthafucker♥

So my anniversary is tomorrow, me and the hubby will be going to the Hawks game...HOME TEAM BABY WHOOT WHOOO....lol if you from the "A" you know what I'm talking about..but we plan on having a nice evening...3 yrs strong...still in love.....we are high school sweethearts...yes very rare these days....2 yrs together...1 yr of marriage..and 1 beautiful angel later we are still hanging in there..give it up for the GREAT AND GOD FEARING MEN OUT THERE..this is for you baby...much love..for ever and always plus 18 ;-)

Trey Songz...to photoshop or not....

so I came across this picture of Trey Songz...many say that it is ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY WITH OUT A DOUBT PHOTO SHOP...BUTTTTTTT what if it isn't...I shall call on JESUS LAWD and SWEET BABY JESUS on that one because he has surely been blessed...THANK YA LAWD AMEN!!!!!!!!

Shaniya Davis (may the Lord bless her soul)

I recently read a very disheartening article about 5 year old Shaniya Davis. For those of you who do not know she is a young girl whose body was found yesterday afternoon..her mother had reported her "missing"...further investigation showed that she was in fact not missing and her mother was arrested for a list of charges: human trafficking, felony child abuse, prostitution, filing a false police report and interfering with the investigation. The sad thing is that Shaniya had only been with her mother for the past 3 weeks...Her father had sole custody up until now when her mother finally showed that she can hold down a job and was "ABLE" to take care of her daughter..Now I believe everyone deserves a chance..but excuse my language this BISH needs to be locked up and they need to throw away the KEY!!!! How can you be so reckless with your own child's life..See I have a 1 year daughter of my own and she is my world so you can see where my anger is coming from..things like this piss me off...shame on the court system..I know they have a lot of cases but "holding down a job" does not prove you are a responsible parent...Shit like this really upsets me...My prayer goes out to her dad and all of her family...may her soul rest in peace...We love you Shaniya


So I'm up late once again..and decided that I should blog.....so I'm up tweeting my brain off and I stumble across the "Video Phone" video...So I heard the song a couple of days ago and was semi-impressed...Bey being Bey basically..don't get me wrong she's a BAD BISH but I guess she has set the standard so high..her best is now considered her average..everyone is expecting her to TOP the next thing..any who...I really was anticipating her song because I just love the lady that is GAGA, me and her go way back like dookie braids on a ghetto chick ;-)...well I like the video but where was the "VIDEO PHONES" i mean yes the dudes w/ with the camera heads nice touch..but I would like to have seen at least one of those fine specimens hold a damn phone actually video taping Bey...is that asking TOO much....and what was up w/ the guns....*dead* ....guess my brain could not grasp the concept of the video toward the end....*rolls eyes and walks out of the room*

Sunday, November 15, 2009

African Beauty ♥

Collections of art

Another 1 bites the dust.....

As my picture says hip hop is dead, or at least behind bars for now...soo I am just in awe as to how MANY of our fellow "hip-hop" artist are facing jail time. First T.I, now Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne have either pending trials or have already been sentenced and are just waiting for them to slam those metal bars...I can't help but wonder what will happen to all of those children who look up to these stars...prison is nothing to be taking lightly...but with so many of these artists going to prison, I wonder if it will be a standard for more up and coming artist. I would think one would want to go their entire life without facing jail time, but hey that could just be me *rolls eyes*....but back to the children that look up to these STARS what are to become of them hopefully they have enough common sense to realize this is NOT the way to go...and that they should be go to school and get an education....not saying the hip hop artist are to blame if lets say little johnny goes to rob a store because he wanted to see how jail was since all the "famous peps are there" lol..I'm sorry i can't help but laugh..that little scenario was a bit comical...just a LIL bit......any who we shall see if they truly have learned their lesson after paying this DEBT TO SOCIETY and kiddos don't try this at home

Falcons Update

So as my true Falcon Fans know that the Falcons played the Jaguars today!!!! Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in bringing a win to the HOME TEAM..But hopefully next time...I HAVE FAITH lol....



Final 1
2 3 4 OT T
ATL 3 7 3
0 19
CAR 7 14
7 0 28

Friends...and the lack their of.....

What makes a good friend, I have been pondering on this for a while now...It seems that so many so called "friends" walk in and out my life that I have lost sight of what the true meaning of friend is...I give to many people this title...I have never been a trusting person...You have to continue proving yourself for me to trust..it's NOT a one time thing honey...I have had one friend that has been here w/ me for the past 7 years so she is what would be considered a true or good friend but what about those who come and go..why do we so easily fall for these facades that mask themselves as friends..All I can do is shake my head at the bish's who I HAVE ALLOWED to walk in my life and leave nothing but TAKE every and any thing they could from me....Why are we fooled by their welcoming smiles and look over their backstabbing ways...i guess this is life...but I refuse to keep allowing these fake bish's come and go as they please...so like every wack ass show..you have been canceled no more play for you...GOOD DAY and fuck you with a :-)