Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I'm up late once again..and decided that I should blog.....so I'm up tweeting my brain off and I stumble across the "Video Phone" video...So I heard the song a couple of days ago and was semi-impressed...Bey being Bey basically..don't get me wrong she's a BAD BISH but I guess she has set the standard so high..her best is now considered her average..everyone is expecting her to TOP the next thing..any who...I really was anticipating her song because I just love the lady that is GAGA, me and her go way back like dookie braids on a ghetto chick ;-)...well I like the video but where was the "VIDEO PHONES" i mean yes the dudes w/ with the camera heads nice touch..but I would like to have seen at least one of those fine specimens hold a damn phone actually video taping Bey...is that asking TOO much....and what was up w/ the guns....*dead* ....guess my brain could not grasp the concept of the video toward the end....*rolls eyes and walks out of the room*