Tuesday, November 17, 2009

♥Love is in the air, & I'm choking on that muthafucker♥

So my anniversary is tomorrow, me and the hubby will be going to the Hawks game...HOME TEAM BABY WHOOT WHOOO....lol if you from the "A" you know what I'm talking about..but we plan on having a nice evening...3 yrs strong...still in love.....we are high school sweethearts...yes very rare these days....2 yrs together...1 yr of marriage..and 1 beautiful angel later we are still hanging in there..give it up for the GREAT AND GOD FEARING MEN OUT THERE..this is for you baby...much love..for ever and always plus 18 ;-)


tashaa said...

wtf..yall bitches need tew get offf of trey...yall sum mutha fuqkn groupies..daa dick aint even real..omfg..lil bittie asss hoes..he dnt wnt nan one of yall mutha fuqkas..lolz...luh bitty ass gurlls..wahd ii said..ummm dell wid idt..