Saturday, December 12, 2009


'Tis the season for people to lose their everlasting mind..the holidays people promote spreading happiness, joy, and celebrating with your love ones..but they also promote gifts lots and lots of gifts and that brings on sales and heffas scrambling everywhere to get the last wii for little Timmy and the last sweater for their mother..what is it about people i.e. WOMEN that get crazy when it comes to a SALE, I almost chopped this woman in her damn throat for bumping into me, for those that know me I don't play that mess, I'll drop my shit and get EAST PURNT on yo ass with a quickness, I hate the holidays, I know y'all saying WHY QUOYIA WHY?? Because y'all simple asses don't have any manners or no kind of shopping etiquette just be acting straight IGNANT..ugh I can't wait for it to end..I mean really why are you all waiting to the end of the damn year to celebrate and appreciate your loved ones, this should be a YEAR round thing, I tell ya, people are foolish and yes that includes YOU, especially if I have you feeling some kind of way after reading this because that means I'm hitting a nerve bish...I know one thing thing though, over the next year, y'all better learn some manners, we all know I'm no stranger to the back seat of a police car, don't get your ass beat over a


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LMFAO to funny girl

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