Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ratchet Foul Women

Okay I have a problem with women who will take care of themselves before they do for their children...I have a question??? I mean is it the children fault that they were brought into this world by a no good parent..."NO" for instance imagine walking into your local grocery store and you see a woman: hair done, nails done, outfit on point..and then you see her three kids trailing behind her their hair not combed and dirty I have a daughter and I REFUSE to let her out the house looking any kind of will catch me in sweat pants and a t-shirt before I let my child go without..I understand a woman has needs to but when you become a parent doesn't one's needs change??? Aren't your needs and priorities to take care of one's child(ren) FIRST..ugh hence my title..RATCHET FOUL WOMEN MAKE ME SICK!!!!


Melanie! said...

smh....soooo many ratchet women these days...i see that alllll the time..