Saturday, January 16, 2010

Procrastination is a bish!

Ugh, I am back in school after taking a year off..and I tell you TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN OR WOMAN! & things are back in full force!!! School didn't care that I was out of the loop for a year and it's starting to whoop my tail..unlike others who have semesters to get their act together I only have 9 weeks!! That's right every nine weeks I have two classes. I'm not complaining about that. This gives me a chance to catch up on all that I missed & still graduate on time but damn time is whopping my ass and my effort is starting to come up short. Guess it's time to re-evaluate some things and get my "procrastination" problem under control considering I really don't have the "time" to. There it goes again. That "time" thing keeps showing up...It's like an never ending race and as soon as I come to the finish line some jack ass yanks it up and moves it 50 more yards ahead. Right when I thought I was through I have to find some strength to continue this race that I thought was over. Even when I thought I gave all I could..I have to dig deeper..hmmm this sounds like LIFE doesn't it lol...Oh's not like I can catch time that I have lost. BUT OH WHAT IF I COULD!!! Now that would be interesting ;-) *MUAH*