Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guns, Gilbert, & Foolishness!

So get this y'all Wizards Arenas was suspended over guns in the locker room...yes you read right his monkey butt brought guns to the locker room..I mean seriously with the exception of law enforcement what job can you bring guns to work at. Did he think because he was famous that he gets a pass...that's a big a** NEGATIVE! The NBA's commissioner David Stern suspended Arenas indefinitely...with each game he misses he stands to lose 147,200 dollars of the 16. 2 million he will earn this season. I have no sympathetic words for this fool..he claimed the guns were unloaded and he was storing them in his locker to get them out of his home after his daughters birth.,.personally I'm not buying that s*** because that's what safes and lock boxes are for. I'm pretty sure he could have found somewhere and something to put those guns in to keep them away from his daughter!!! Oh well we shall see how this plays out......*rolls eyes*