Friday, September 18, 2009


This is today's segment of "WHERE THEY DO THAT AT"

Okay I really want to know why do I see your pregnant ass in the club, like do you think that shit is cute, we know you love your prego body, shit I have a daughter myself but I'm trying to figure out why are you exposing your unborn child to all of this second hand smoke, take your ass home, WHERE THEY DO THAT AT

Let me get on Kanye ignorant butt, don't get me wrong I LOVE me some YE but who told his black ass too hop on stage and steal that girls moment, it doesn't matter if she was white, niggas always gotta make it a race thing, HE WAS WRONG POINT BLANK, I mean really doe WHERE THEY DO THAT AT

PARENTS I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, WIPE your child's snotty ass nose, I don't want Billy or Christina dripping snot ever where, like do you not see that shit, if it's bothering me I know it's bothering your child, they licking they snot and shit, I mean damn shit is gross I mean really doe WHERE THEY DO THAT AT

LADIES there is a difference between SEXY and TRASHY learn it trick, don't get mad when a man calls you a HOE or a SLUT , shit if you dressed like a prostitute my ass would think you walking the corner too. Have some damn self respect, you don't have to show the goodies to get a man's attention, not a GOOD man anyway I mean really doe WHERE THEY DO THAT AT

well this concludes my rambling rant lol, stay tuned for more " I MEAN REALLY DO, WHERE THEY DO THAT AT"